What are the top reasons for dogs visiting the vet?

What are the top reasons for dogs visiting the vet?

Vet visits can be costly and the costs can really rack up! 

Pet insurance can be a big help in this area but still doesn't cover all costs - and you can still be left out of pocket by a lot of money.

So one of the things we are big believers in at Healthy Active Pet is that, through exercise and diet, we can try and keep our animals in the best health possible to try and reduce the number of vets visits we have to have - and of course part of this is keeping up to date with vaccinations and tick treatments.

A point to make really clear is that the Healthy Active Pet program isn’t a replacement for regular veterinary care by any means, and we always encourage you to have regular check-ups and seek treatment whenever required.

But we also believe there is great value in focusing on staying well, rather than waiting for symptoms to emerge and then treat.

If we consider that over 55% of dogs are overweight or obese, and look at the most common reasons for dogs to visit the vet, it’s quite clear that lifestyle and diet changes could go a long way to improving the wellbeing of our dogs.

What are the top reasons for vet visits?

In 2018, 26% of dogs that saw a vet did so for stomach issues, 17% for skin conditions, 14% for pain, 10% for ear infections, 7.7% for eye conditions, 5.8% for a growth or lump, 5% for cancer, 4.8% for cruciate ligament or ACL, 4.8% for a UTI and 4.5% for a heart condition. 

When we factor in the impact of extremely high levels of obesity, so many of these conditions may be preventable.

Through a combination of adopting a whole foods approach to nutrition, focusing attention on the health of the gut, making efforts to support the immune system, and staying mentally engaged and physically active, we promote good health and can often make great progress towards reducing the presentation of preventable illnesses and unpleasant doggy traits (like the farts!!). 

How do we do this?

We do this through a species appropriate and fresh food diet.   

All our recipes are created by our pet nutritionist and all meet AAFCO standards.

You can have our recipes raw or lightly cook them - it is your choice

Our mission is to show you how you how to make healthy and fresh food for your dog - and to take the hard work out of it so it can fit into your life.

And we also have a convenient option with our air dried dog food (which is just literally one our raw food recipes air dried) and you can use this as a complete meal or a topper.

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