Vet shares 5 reasons to switch from kibble dog food

Vet shares 5 reasons to switch from kibble dog food

Hi, everyone. Dr. Steph here.  I want to chat to you guys about five benefits of switching your dogs from kibble to a raw food diet.

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5 benefits of switching from kibble to a raw dog food diet



1) Number one is digestibility. And when we change our dogs from kibble to raw dog food, we're essentially changing their diet to a very high-quality protein and low-carbohydrate meal plan.

And this is far more digestible. We've ditched the additives, we've ditched the preservatives, we've ditched the carbs, we've ditched the sugars.

And the fact that it's more digestible just means that your dog is going to poop a lot less.

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2) Number two is a healthy skin and coat. So for those of you who don't know, if a dog is struggling to absorb nutrients, it often manifestes in the skin.

You will see a lot of dandruff, you will see hair loss or shedding, flaky skin and a very coarse or sparse coat.

That's all very common in dogs that are struggling to digest or absorb foods.

And great advice if you are experiencing this is to try changing your dog over to raw dog food. The nutrients in raw, fresh food are just so much more bioavailable, and our dogs really can absorb them much more efficiently. And you will see that in their coat.

It will be shiny, it will be healthy, you will see a lot less shedding, and it's just a great perk.

3) Number three is obesity. I don't think I need to tell you, but there are just so many obese dogs in the world.

And diet and exercise are big factors in this - and especially kibble. So many dogs are fed kibble (it is cheap and convenient) but kibble is just full of bulk additives.

And this means carbs, excess sugar and preservatives, all of these ingredients  are quite difficult for your dog to digest and It makes it difficult for your dog to lose weight on kibble.

But if you ditch the kibble, and make the change to a raw dog food diet it will be provide so many health benefits to your dog.

Raw dog food is just so much easier for your dog to actually lose weight, and not only lose weight, but maintain the ideal weight.

4) Number four is dental health. And I just want to say that dogs who eat kibble, it's full of carbohydrates and sugars. It gets stuck in teeth so easily, and it provides literally the perfect environment for plaque and tartar to build up and bacteria to grow.

So moving your dog across from kibble to raw, it reduces, obviously, the chance of kibble getting stuck in the teeth.

Raw food is a lot less likely to do that.

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And if you include meaty bones in your dog's diet, they're just so good for dental health.

The chewing is natural, it's normal. It really scrapes the plaque off the teeth, and it It's going to improve circulation in the jaw as well and provides  great benefits is dental health.

5) Number five, my personal favourite is just stimulation. It is tasty. If you were going to eat the same thing every day of your life, it's boring. With my dogs, I have one dog who it didn't matter what kibble I fed her -after a while, she would just get bored and be uninterested in eating it.

But with raw food, they absolutely love their food. They will never miss a meal. And it's great for them.

It's stimulating mentally, and it's just so good for their general health and vitality and longevity.

And if you want to start your dog on a raw dog diet than you can see over 80 raw feeding dog recipes here

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