Puppy Raw Food Recipe - Chicken & Salmon

Puppy Raw Food Recipe - Chicken & Salmon

Deciding what to feed your puppy can be a daunting task, with so many strong opinions coming at you from every direction: the breeder, your vet, the pet shop, the internet, your friends and family… it can be overwhelming!

Which is why our pet nutritionist has created our Puppy Homemade & Raw Feeding Recipe ebook and program

Puppy Raw Recipes

Puppies have different nutritional needs to adult dogs, because they are going through such important growth and developmental stages.

Puppies require more protein and fat than adult dogs, but these increased requirements are met with ease when we choose a species-appropriate diet.

They also require more calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, sodium,
manganese, zinc, selenium, some fatty acids and all of the essential amino acids.

Some of these nutrients also have reduced upper limits – namely calcium and phosphorus – which is to ensure bone growth is slow and steady for long term skeletal health.

All of these factors have been carefully considered and our recipes have been developed in line with the recommendations set out by the AAFCO nutritional standards for growth in dogs, using a range of deeply nutritious and easily digested whole foods.

Chicken & Salmon Puppy Recipe

This recipe is from our puppy recipe book and it features three different cuts of chicken to make the most of this affordable and accessible protein, combined with the anti-inflammatory healthy fats found in salmon.

Salmon is a protein rich oily fish that contains lots of vitamin D for healthy bone development and omega 3 fatty acids for brain and immune system health.

Puppy raw food recipes

Turkey necks provide dental and mental health benefits, while also ensuring your puppy’s important calcium and phosphorus requirements are met.

Zucchini, carrot, apple and chia seeds all offer fibre for digestive health benefits, as well as the protective benefits of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

raw puppy recipes

Wheatgrass powder and wheatgerm oil are incredibly nutrient dense parts of the young wheat plant, but are completely gluten free.


• 220gm Turkey necks
• 200gm Salmon
• 150gm Chicken thigh
• 110gm Chicken hearts
• 100gm Chicken livers
• 100gm Zucchini
• 50gm Carrot
• 50gm Apple
• 10gm Chia seeds
• 4gm Wheatgrass powder
• 3gm Wheatgerm oil
• 2gm Eggshell/calcium
• 0.5gm Kelp powder
• 0.5gm Sea salt


• Steam the carrot and zucchini and combine with grated apple, powders, seeds and oil

• Chop the turkey necks to suitable sized pieces

• Chop the meat into pieces and combine with necks and veggie mix into daily serves

 Nutritional information

  • KCAL/KG 1109
  • PROTEIN 14.64%
  • FAT 
  • 6.45%
  • ASH 1.81%
  • MOISTURE 74.97%
  • FIBRE 0.75%
  • CARBS 1.37%

Check out our puppy recipe book here

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