New Air Dried Raw Cat Food - Find Out All About It

New Air Dried Raw Cat Food - Find Out All About It

If you are looking for an alternative to kibble for your cat then we have a brand new and premium air dried cat raw food to try

It is very different to kibble in the look, feel and composition. It is 100% natural and is 71% protein - which is insane as most cat food is around the 25-35% protein mark.

It is just the raw ingredients (all human grade premium meat) with not one extra thing added. No fillers. No synthetic vitamins. No grain. And then it is air dried.

This means it is crunchy and hard - which is good for cats teeth but if your cats do like it less hard you can soak in boiling water for a softer meal - but it will still be firm

The pieces of food are also unaltered or shaped - you will see the fish heads and meat in it. They are roughly chopped and are very different to kibble - but if your cat does prefer really small pieces you can break them up further.

Please note that on the next batch we create we are going to chop them smaller too.

So - read on to learn about the new cat food and if this is right for your cat.

The Healthy Active Pet weight management recipe for cats is a species appropriate, high meat blend of fresh turkey, chicken, lamb, sardines and mussels, gently air-dried for your convenience and jammed full of super foods and nutrients for your cat.

Please note this is a hard and crunchy air dried pieces with the food in its natural form and not reduced down into neat and bite sized pieces. If your cat does not like crunchy food then we suggest soaking in boiling water for 30-60 minutes to soften it. It is very different to a standard kibble - please see the image of the product below

It is a very low carb formula designed specifically around the nutritional needs of cats, with a very small amount of plant ingredients added for fibre and to support their digestion (only 5%!).

Turkey is an ideal lean protein to form the basis of the diet, bolstered by chicken hearts and mussels for essential taurine, lamb liver for a concentrated boost of vitamins and minerals and sardines for brain supporting and anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids.

We add a very small amount of pumpkin and psyllium husks to support your cat’s digestion, which can be especially helpful to avoid constipation if they are used to eating a high fibre, processed food.

You may notice that this thickens to a delicious stew when you add warm water due to the psyllium husks, but this is completely normal

Our organic calcium is highly digestible for healthy bones, teeth and claws, and we have carefully selected a range of superfood extras to ensure there are no nutritional gaps in this whole food diet.

This blend of turkey, chicken, lamb, sardines, mussels and functional superfoods provides important nutritional variety and all of the amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals your cat needs to thrive, while also helping them to shed any unwanted weight.

  • Active your cats metabolism to burn more calories
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • 100% Human Grade Organic Whole Foods
  • 100% Australian human grade meat
  • Australian Made + Sourced
  • Nothing artificial. No glycerine, sugars or coatings
  • No grains and low carb
  • Pet nutritionist created & approved
  • 0% preservatives and 0% grain
  • Designed to help your cat be healthy and live a long life
  • Low in sluggish carbs, so your cat will be leaner and livelier in no time at all

Product details

This product is air dried RAW real human grade food using the highest quality organic ingredients for maximum nutrition

This 900g bag is the equivalent of 3.6kg of fresh, unprocessed food.

What ingredients are in this recipe?

Turkey breast, chicken hearts, lamb liver, sardines, mussels, pumpkin, psyllium hulks, calcium, wheatgerm oil, nutritional yeast organic wheatgrass powder, organic kelp powder


  • High meat content
  • Free-range grass fed farming
  • No antibiotics or growth promotants
  • No grains, sugars or glycerins
  • Lean, low calorie and high protein ideal for weight loss or weight maintenance

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Reviews from cats who have trialled

Belinda from QLD says, "My cat was one of the cats trialling this product and I am happy to say Sooky loved it. She is so fussy normally so I was unsure how it would go but she chomped it down and couldn't get enough!"

Kat from NSW says, "This product is brilliant. I am so happy to be one of the triallers. My moggy really enjoyed this and I won't ever go back to kibble."

Emma from Tas says, "I got onto raw feeding my cat last year and the difference in their health has been incredible so I was keen to try this new food as a convenient alternative. I was really impressed with the quality of the food and the fact that it is unaltered. My cat couldn't get enough"

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