Must make bone broth to keep your dog hydrated

Must make bone broth to keep your dog hydrated

At Healthy Active Pet, our 100% focus is on empowering you to keep your pets healthy

We have free information to help you, we have meal plans and recipes and freeze dried complete dog food

And today we wanted to say a huge thank you to the amazing Sally for sharing her bone broth recipe and tips to keep your dog hydrated

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"Dogs need adequate water intake each day to stay healthy, as water regulates your dog’s body temperature, and aids digestion and waste removal.

As a rough guide, your dog should take in about 250 ml of water (1 cup) per 5 kg of body weight per day.

On hot days, or when your dog is playing, it may need extra water.

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Some dogs get dehydrated when they are stressed, or distracted when they’re running around outdoors.

Encouraging your dog to stay hydrated will help prevent kidney problems, urinary tract infections, and other health issues.

My very active working border collies have fresh water available to them at all times (although they seem to prefer drinking the water out of our fish pond!)

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In addition to making my own dog food, I also add home made broth to every meal.

Here is my recipe:


  • Bones (small enough to fit into a slow cooker)
  • Boiling water
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (adding vinegar to the mix helps draw minerals out of the bones)


Add bones (this time I used chicken drumsticks and some leftover roast chicken bones) to my slow cooker

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Add apple vinegar

Pour in enough water to cover bones 

Cover slow cooker and cook on high for 6 hours or low for 24 hours. The time may vary according to the slow cooker. You can cook the bones for a shorter time if you just want a clear broth

Save broth and any meat bits. Throw away bones - DO NOT FEED HARD COOKED BONES!

Let the broth cool and then place in fridge to set, or in bottles if making just the liquid broth 

Broth will keep for up to one week in the refrigerator. The broth can also be put into ice cube trays and frozen for a cool treat on hot days

Your dogs will want to lick the cooled slow cooker clean!

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