Mel and Sunny road test raw dog food recipes

Mel and Sunny road test raw dog food recipes

At Healthy Active Pet our passion is the health and wellbeing of our pets

And we believe that a fresh food diet is crucial for the their health and longevity.

Our pet nutritionist has created a huge amount of raw dog food recipes and today Mel and Sunny have trialled and reviewed one of our recipes

Mel says "Sunny LOVES the food and is thriving on these raw dog food recipes

Sunny is a gorgeous 2 years old 11 kg jack russell x dachshund.

He is super energetic, a real foodie, loves human attention and thinks he is a real life human baby so these raw dog food recipes suit him so well
He is very much a part of the family,  lives inside and comes to work with me every day!

He loves walks, tug of war, fluffy toys and toys he can chew on and keep him occupied."

About Healthy Active Pet dog food recipes

The dog food recipes are designed to FUEL your dog with the best nutrition possible and ensure:

  • They are at a lean body weight
  • They have excellent digestion and gut health
  • They have firm poos 
  • They have less farts
  • They have shiny coats
  • They have long term health

Plus you can see this recipe in our Ultimate Raw & Homemade recipe book here

And we have HEAPS of raw dog food recipe books to to help you and below is a dog food recipe from one of them. We hope you love it.


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