How Hodge a 48kg Rottweiler Meal Preps

How Hodge a 48kg Rottweiler Meal Preps

At Healthy Active Pet we are passionate about dogs being in their best health.

And what a dog consumes is a big part of that.

Good nutrition is so important for animals to thrive, to be at a healthy weight and to avoid illness - and we need to feed our dogs a species appropriate diet which fuels their body.

We know so many people feed their dogs kibble as it is cheap and also most people are unaware of what is actually in kibble and how it is not the best choice for dogs. You can read more on that here.

We also know cost of living is always an issue and pets can be expensive.

So we wanted to show owners how you can make your own dog food at home (so you know what is in it) and so you give your dog the best nutrition possible.

We also wanted to show that meal prepping is a GREAT way to reduce costs and today Hayley and Hodge have been using the Healthy Active Pet recipes and meal plans and have been meal prepping. (P.S all our meal plans are created by our pet nutritionist and are designed to fuel your dogs health)

Hodge's meal prep

Hodges meal prep for the week we chose to go with the fish and poultry recipe and the salmon and beef recipe. 

Few tips and tricks I learnt this time round was buy beef as a chunk and dice it yourself rather than buying pre diced beef as that changes the price from $16 per kg to $26 per kg.

We also used tinned salmon to help keep the costs down and it’s much easier to prep tinned salmon.

The Basa fish was the cheapest at only $9 per kg. 

With these cost savings I was able to get Hodges meals down to $8 per meal compared to $10 last time which I believe is great for such a large dog.

Do remember hodge is a 45kg big boy. I unfortunately don’t have a local butcher that does many specials however if you do then definitely jump on that! 

Can’t recommend these recipes enough! Hodge get so excited at dinner time now knowing every week is something different. 

I can’t recommend the program and recipes enough! (check it out here)

Make the change for your pooch and give them the food they deserve to live a long happy life.

You can also see their dog food here which is raw but air dried so all the goodness is sealed in


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