Dog food recipes to make at home - salmon and beef

Dog food recipes to make at home - salmon and beef

If you are looking for healthy and raw dog food recipes that you can make at home then we have you covered.

At Healthy Active Pet we are passionate about pet health and pet nutrition and after discovering was was actually in commercial dog food we have made it our mission to educate pet owners on the health and nutrition benefits of raw dog food.

dog food recipes

The dog food recipes are designed to FUEL your dog with the best nutrition possible and ensure:

  • They are at a lean body weight
  • They have excellent digestion and gut health
  • They have firm poos 
  • They have less farts
  • They have shiny coats
  • They have long term health

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And we have HEAPS of raw dog food recipe books to to help you and below is a dog food recipe from one of them. We hope you love it.

Salmon and Beef Dog Food Recipe

Salmon is a wonderful source of healthy fats and vitamin D for dogs, combatting the often too high levels of omega 6 in canine diets. 

Raw dog food recipe

You can often source inexpensive offcuts from fish markets if you’re not shy or you can really bring the budget down by using tinned salmon or you can also save money by buying frozen salmon which is around 20% cheaper than fresh.

Beef is protein and iron rich, complementing the salmon perfectly.

Blueberries, wheatgrass and spirulina are rich in antioxidants, while sunflower seeds provide a wholefood source of vitamin E.

Dog food recipes 


• 380gm beef chunks
• 285gm salmon chunks
• 100gm chicken liver, diced
• 75gm lamb liver, diced
• 100gm zucchini, cubed or grated
• 50gm blueberries, frozen
• 50gm red capscium, diced or grated • 16gm sunflower seeds, ground
• 10gm coconut oil
• 6gm egg shells/calcium
• 2gm wheatgrass powder
• 1gm kelp powder
• 1gm spirulina

dog food recipes


• Steam or grate the zucchini and red capsicum until tender

• Grind thesunflower seeds in a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle

• Chop the turkey necks to a suitable size

• Combine the vegetables with oils and powder in a bowl and mix until well combined

• Add meat and portion out into daily serves and freeze or store in the fridge for a few days


  • KCAL/KG 1242
  • PROTEIN - 16 .7%
  • FAT - 7.2%
  • ASH - 1 .7%
  • MOISTURE 72 .6%
  • FIBRE - 0.6%
  • CARBS - 1 .3%

And if you want to check out our recipes in our Ultimate Raw & Homemade recipe book here

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