How this 1 food gives my dog diarrhea every time

How this 1 food gives my dog diarrhea every time

I have had dogs all my life. And always Jack Russells.


But a few years ago my beloved Jack Russell died of pancreatitis at only 9 years old (you can read what happened here) and it put me off getting any more dogs as my heart couldn't take the loss.

jack russell

But on Christmas Day 2021, my hubby surprised our entire family with a little minature cavoodle who won our hearts in hours and who we names Frankie.

 And I am so soft, that I soon decided to get Frankie a playmate and a couple of months later and Maxie arrived in March 2022 - and Maxie was a little toy cavoodle with a HUGE personality.

But we quickly discovered that Maxie was severely allergic to one food - and that food was chicken.

If he had even a lick of chicken he would have the worst diarrhea every single time!

chicken allergy in dogs

I then discovered chicken was in just about all main stream commercial dog food and that began my journey of discovery of ingredients in dog food and what was the best nutrition product for dogs - and which then led me to creating freeze dried dog food and raw feeding dog food recipes - with options of chicken free dog food.

So I am very aware of what it is like to have a dog that can't eat chicken and how hard it is to avoid!

Chicken allergy in dogs

Did you know that chicken allergy is the second most common food allergy in dogs after beef, and as much as 15%-20% of dogs suffer from it.


What you need to know is that chicken is the go-to of the dog food world.

There’s no denying that dogs love the taste of chicken, and it’s also convenient that it’s a lean protein source that’s also cheap compared to lamb and beef.

This makes chicken an affordable and viable protein source for dogs and the major dog food manufactures - and that is why it is in most of all of the pet food out there!

But if your dog is allergic to chicken this can prove difficult when buying pet food.

It is also worth noting that dogs can also develop a chicken allergy through exposure, which means the more you feed your pet chicken, the more likely he is to become allergic to it.

Maxie and Frankie
And this is what led me to create our freeze dried turkey treats which my dogs LOVE (check them out here)
And these have become so popular that we also went into a create chicken free dog food which is freeze dried that contains Turkey (not chicken) - and dogs LOVE it!! You can see the full shop here (please note that we do have freeze died dog food with chicken in, but also have chicken free dog food)
Why I LOVE feeding them turkey
And what I love that as well as not giving them a bum explosion, turkey is so good for them plus all the goodness is freeze dried in and we only use turkey breast and it is human grade meat.

Turkey is a lean protein that is low in fat and high in essential amino acids, making it an excellent choice for dogs who are looking to maintain a healthy weight. It's also hypoallergenic, making it a great option for dogs with food allergies

Additionally, turkey is rich in B-vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium and phosphorus, which support a healthy immune system and metabolism.
And here are a few extra things about the Healthy Active Pet Turkey Treats!
  • A lean, high protein, single ingredient treat
  • Low in calories and high in taste
  • Freeze dried to lock in all the nutrients of raw turkey
  • High in taurine 
  • Rich in B vitamins, zinc and selenium
  • Contains mood boosting tryptophan

You can check out our entire freeze dried dog food range here

raw freeze dried dog food


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