Are you looking for a puppy food diet plan?

Are you looking for a puppy food diet plan?

If you have a puppy and are looking for what puppy food to feed them, then you are in the right place.

Many owners of a new puppy look for the best puppy food and often end up feeding their dog puppy royal canin dog food.  

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Puppy Royal Canin Dog Food

The puppy royal canin dog food is a really popular brand but at Healthy Active Pet, we believe that feeding a raw fresh food diet is the best puppy food you can feed the new member of your family as opposed to the popular puppy royal canin dog food.

The reason we prefer a raw food diet for your puppy versus a kibble like puppy royal canin is because kibble is a highly processed dog food and not a species appropriate diet due to the process of making it and the ingredients in it. You can read more about kibble and dog food here.

If you are interested in a raw food puppy food diet that is jammed with nutrition for your pup you can read all about it here 

And below you can read about the gorgeous Rosie and her raw puppy food diet and journey as sent in by Rosie's hooman, Lauren.

Rosie's raw puppy food diet 

"We adopted Rosie from a rescue when she was 9weeks old.

She's a large breed dog, so I wanted to raw feed puppy food to support her growth and development and give her all the nutrients to be as healthy as she can be.

puppy food

She was already fed kibble puppy food, so I knew we needed to transition her slowly.

Using the Healthy Active Pet puppy food book and recipes, I started with just adding a few fresh ingredients to her bowl (about 15-20% of her total meal). She first individually tried Chia seeds, sardines, banana, chicken necks, peas, cooked pumpkin, blueberries, peanut butter - she loved all of it.

puppy food

Being a puppy she needs the right balance of ingredients to support her nutritional needs during this period of growth - so now as we are giving a fully raw puppy food meal, I'm using the Healthy Active Pet puppy food meal plans. I'm not sure I'd be confident doing DIY without the puppy food meal plans as guidance! 

puppy food

One thing I've learned along the way is to feed the dog in front of you, so I keep an eye on her body condition and adjust quantity of food accordingly.

I will often add a bit extra to her bowl because she has a heap of energy, is an active dog and her body condition tends towards underweight (I can see and feel her ribs easily). 

puppy food

Budget wise we generally spend under what it would cost in premium kibble per day to feed her raw (about $6.30 per kg for all the raw ingredients vs $7.50 for kibble).

I source chicken offal from a Steggles factory nearby or Asian butchers where I can get some of the other species offal.

puppy food

I use frozen veggies or otherwise the veggies that need to be used from the crisper. I shop tinned sardines in Springwater and other meat from Aldi, or I check the specials at our local butcher. 

puppy food

While we only recently transitioned to fully raw my plan is to rotate two Healthy Active Pet recipes over a fortnight and then I'll swap to another two - so there's variety in the nutrient profiles of the food she's getting. And luckily at Healthy Active Pet there are so many raw dog food recipes to choose from in the healthy pet plus membership

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freeze dried dog food



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