10 Reasons To Feed a Raw Dog Food Diet

10 Reasons To Feed a Raw Dog Food Diet

If you are thinking of starting your dog on a raw dog food diet than here we are going to give you 10 reasons why a raw dog food diet is so good for them, their health and their longevity.

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Here are ten reasons to consider switching to a raw diet for your dog

  1. Natural Digestibility: A raw diet aligns with your pet's natural dietary preferences. Dogs efficiently absorb nutrients from whole foods, unlike synthetic vitamins often added to commercial pet food. Our Healthy Active Pet raw dog food recipes exclude fillers, additives, and preservatives, making digestion easier for your pet.

  2. Healthy Skin and Coat: Your dog's skin, the body's largest organ, reflects its overall health. Raw food offers bioavailable nutrients that dogs can digest efficiently, enhancing nutrient absorption. Additionally, raw pet food contains active enzymes that aid nutrient absorption, resulting in improved skin, coat quality, and reduced shedding.

  3. Reduction in Doggy Smells: Raw food's benefits extend to your pet's skin and coat, leading to fewer skin oils that contribute to doggy odour. A raw diet also promotes better digestive health, reducing or eliminating doggy gas.

  4. Less Poop to Scoop: Raw diets consist of easily digestible ingredients like meat, organs, and bones, matching a dog's natural diet. This promotes efficient fuel utilisation, reducing waste production. Expect firmer stools that decompose faster.

  5. Reduction in Allergies: Poor gut health can cause allergies in pets, often stemming from commercial pet food with inappropriate fillers. Raw dog food diets support healthy digestion and reduce intolerances, leading to a decrease or elimination of allergic reactions, such as rashes, itchy paws, ear infections, and digestive issues.

  6. Immune System Support: Raw dog food only includes ingredients suitable for your pet, minimising exposure to fillers and additives. This allows your dog's immune system to focus on external and environmental threats. Additionally, raw diets are rich in moisture, benefiting organ health.

  7. Increased Energy: Improved digestion means more energy for your dog. Raw dog food eliminates excess ingredients and fillers, reducing the energy spent on digesting carbs and sugars. You'll notice a livelier pup.

  8. Enhanced Hydration: Raw food has higher moisture content than commercial pet food, offering natural hydration. This may reduce your dog's water intake compared to kibble-fed dogs.

  9. Easy Weight Management: Up to 50% of dogs are overweight, but a raw diet can naturally help manage their weight. Without added carbohydrates or sugars, raw food supports healthy weight maintenance.

  10. Cleans Teeth Naturally: High sugar content in commercial pet food fosters harmful bacteria, dental issues, and plaque. Raw food is less likely to stick to teeth and contains natural enzymes that promote oral health. Raw Meaty Bones can further clean teeth, maintaining dental hygiene.

At Healthy Active Pet, we prioritise your dog's nutrition and safety. Our raw dog food features high-quality meat, nutrient-rich organ meats, and bone.

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