Meet Maxie and Frankie

Meet Maxie and Frankie

We are Maxie and Frankie, the co-founders of Healthy Active Pet and we are super excited to be bringing you the programs we tried, tested and LOVE .

So what’s our story.

Well we are 2 dogs and we live in Sydney with our humans . We also live with 3 cats . The cats are kind of the bosses of the house but we try give them a run for their money every now and again but we have to duck and dive so we don’t get a cat slap .

And we are pleased to say that our humans got smart earlier this year and realised that we too need great nutrition and food and stopped feeding us the processed food they were buying from the supermarket .

And as well as tasting better and us now having more variety we are pleased to report there is less complaining from the humans in the house about our butt smells, sloppy poops in the doggy bags PLUS our friends constantly tell us that our coats are looking good!

We LOVE dinner time and we LOVE the food our humans give us and now that we are sharing the recipes and food we hope you love it too .

Plus we would love for you to come and follow us on our social media pages where we will be having fun! You can find us both on insta and facebook @healthyactivepet

Love From 

Maxie and Frankie

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